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Become a volunteer

Join us in creating a community of support for our defenders. Regardless of your experience, just let us know you want to join our team and we'll find a suitable place for you. Each contribution has its weight!

To organize training for military personnel undergoing rehabilitation in our centers

We are always working to improve our skills and abilities. So, if you have suggestions for training, in particular, for military personnel undergoing rehabilitation, it will be a significant contribution to our cause.

Help fuel

It is important for us to be mobile. In addition to working in our centers, our psychologists carry out field missions directly to the military, who are in military units or medical facilities. So, any help with fuel would be greatly appreciated

Create a joint project

Let's join forces to support military personnel and their families in the process of socialization, in particular, after their return and when overcoming the consequences of PTSD. We will jointly start initiatives that will contribute to the creation of a favorable environment for their successful adaptation

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