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Israeli methodology

Our centers are unique in that we use Israeli methods and techniques in our work, which provide an effective and comprehensive approach to providing psychological support. Our psychologists were trained in Israel, where they gained valuable experience from colleagues at the Israel Trauma Coalition and psychologists who work directly with Israeli soldiers.

Психологи TMS Rehabilitation проходять навчання у Ізраїлі, по методикам ізраїльських фахівців

It gives a clear structure of work with the client. According to this method, Israeli experts consider 5 aspects of life (social, functional, cognitive, psychological and emotional), which trauma can disrupt

at all levels. In order to return to normal functioning and adaptation, these aspects must be restored step by step. This is exactly what we do in the therapy process, using different methods, approaches and our own experiences.

What makes the Israeli method special?

Our approach to psychological rehabilitation is a path to finding your own resources, and we use Israeli techniques to help our clients. One of the key components of this technique is the model of the well-known Israeli psychology professor Muli Lahad, known as "BASIC ph". This model reveals six channels of coping with stress, with several of them being dominant for each individual. It is important to recognize your strengths and work on developing your weaknesses in order to find your own path to psychological health.

Field trainings

Our field trainings also include innovative techniques aimed at overcoming stress and improving the psychological well-being of military personnel. For example, we use Alex Gershanov's "Four Elements" technique to overcome stress, as well as Vlad Svitlytskyi's "Yaalom" technique, which helps bring fighters out of stupor.

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