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Free psychological rehabilitation for military personnel

Charitable center of psychological rehabilitation for military personnel and their families

Our work is based on the best practices and experience of Israeli military specialists who have gone through decades of military operations. As practice shows, the return of fighters to peaceful life is a long and difficult process. The horrors of war, the loss of comrades-in-arms and moral trauma have a devastating effect. Timely and professional psychological help enables defender heroes to gradually adapt to the realities of peaceful life, as well as to minimize and even avoid the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Команда TMS REHABILITATION та військові


TMS Rehabilitation is a charity project where all services are provided free of charge. The professional aspects of the center's activities are based on Israeli methods of leveling the consequences of PTSD and are carried out under the permanent professional guidance of Israeli specialists.

Військовий з чашкою TMS REHABILITATION
Іконка "Актуальна допомога"

Actual help

Timely and professional psychological help enables defender heroes to gradually adapt to the realities of peaceful life.

Іконка "Визнана світом методика"

A method recognized by the world

All psychologists of the TMS Rehabilitation Center were trained by the best Israeli specialists and adapted the methods to the requests of the Ukrainian military.

Іконка "Унікальний підхід"

A unique approach

The work of the TMS Rehabilitation Center is based on the extensive experience of Israeli military specialists gained during decades of military operations. The center works in a complex with military personnel and their relatives.

Військовий з психологом



To ensure that no veteran is left alone with their psychological problems, and that they are able to recover their mental and emotional health and return to a fulfilling life. We believe that this is achievable thanks to our joint support and provision of free psychological assistance.


The Platform
for Ukraine

More than 250 participants took part in the first conference, including 40 speakers from various fields of psychology and government representatives, including the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine. The mentioned conference became a platform for uniting professionals who provide psychological assistance to affected segments of the population and created the basis for further development in this area, which in the future will grow into a series of such conferences, where everyone can share their achievements and gather around them like-minded people. Experts in the field of military and child psychology shared their experience and research related to aspects of stress definition, trauma, issues of self-determination and social adaptation. Among other things, the conference confirmed the need to popularize the culture of turning to specialists in the conditions of martial law imposed on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, during the conference, everyone was able to gain valuable knowledge about the possibilities of providing and receiving psychological help and physical rehabilitation, which served to form useful alliances of experts ready to effectively overcome today's challenges. This initiative is a call to action that affirms that every person deserves support and care.

The Platform for Ukraine

The international conference, the purpose of which is to unite the professional community of people who are engaged in or aspire to engage in psychological rehabilitation in Ukraine, in particular, in the part that concerns children, victims of armed aggression and military personnel who take part in its direct repulsion.

Our centers are unique in that we use Israeli methods and techniques in our work, which provide an effective and

comprehensive approach to providing psychological support. Our psychologists were trained in Israel, where they gained valuable experience from colleagues at the Israel Trauma Coalition and psychologists who work directly with Israeli soldiers.

Features of the Israeli methodology




Our partners

We have combined our efforts with our partners for the common goal of restoring our military.

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