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TMS Rehabilitation originates from the TMS League — the largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu organization in Ukraine. The organizing team, led by TMS League president Shai Gutman, has always been socially responsible and with an active civic stance. From the first days of creation, TMS League held charity tournaments and seminars in orphanages. In 2021, the TMS League became the first and only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization to open a separate free category for para-athletes. With the start of the full-scale invasion, the TMS League became even more active in volunteering.

Initiators of creation

Шай Гутман

Shai Gutman

Сергій Погосян

Serhiy Pohosyan

Євгеній Смирнов

Evgeny Smirnov

Анастасія Роменська

Anastasia Romenska

Девід Ройтман

David Roytman

Лого TMS Rehabilitation

Thanks to League President Shay Gutman and charitable contributions from partners, cars, equipment and uniforms for the military, medicine and food for civilians were purchased. This is how the "TMS - Fight for Ukraine" charitable foundation was born, but the organization did not stop at humanitarian aid only.

Військова з чашкою TMS Rehabilitation
Військовий з психологом
Військова з психологом

The team drew attention to the fact that support is needed not only for active military personnel at the front, but also for those returning from the war. This is how TMS Rehabilitation was created - free psychological rehabilitation centers for military personnel, veterans and their families. Currently, TMS Rehabilitation centers operate in Odesa and Kyiv.

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