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The mission of our charitable project "TMS Rehabilitation" is to provide free psychological support and assistance to servicemen returning from the front and their families. We believe that our heroes deserve the best. Our work includes several key aspects:

Іконка Психологічна допомога

Psychological support

Our team of specialists provides professional psychological assistance to military personnel and their families based on advanced Israeli methods, specially adapted for our soldiers, aimed at overcoming the traumatic consequences of PTSD and other psychological difficulties associated with military service.

Іконка Підтримка сімей

Support for families

We do not neglect military families, understanding their important role in the recovery of our heroes. We provide support and resources to create positive change in their lives.

Іконка Реабілітація


We work to get our military members back to normal and regain their mental and emotional well-being through the rehabilitation we provide. Their physical and spiritual recovery is our priority.

Іконка Навчання та психоосвіта

Education and psychoeducation

We raise awareness of the psychological issues faced by military personnel and their families by organizing educational events and psychoeducational programs.

Іконка Спільнота та солідарність

Community and solidarity

We strive to create a community of solidarity where veterans can find the support they need.

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