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Hanna Kolomiyets


Work experience of more than 5 years, active experience of working with the military — 1 year. In his work, he uses schema therapy, trauma focus. Twice she underwent advanced training in working with the military in Israel. She graduated from the Institute of Training of Personnel of the State Employment Service of Ukraine with a specialty of "Psychology".


"I was drawn to psychology by the desire to solve personal problems and difficult questions that arose before me. And having already understood how effective psychological tools are, I decided to become a psychologist and help people."

"I decided to work with the military at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. I began to actively learn to work with military personnel, and at the moment I am putting it into practice. In working with our defenders, I am most inspired by the changes in their psychological state. And this suggests that psychological support is important in this crisis period that each of us is experiencing."

Психолог Коломієць Ганна
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