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Lesia Prudius


Work experience: more than 5 years, active experience of working with the military for 1.5 years. She worked in mobile brigades on trips to places where combatants were deployed. On a volunteer basis, I work in hospitals and hospitals of the city with the wounded. Has experience working with prisoners of war. I provide free psychological assistance to families of military personnel. In my work, I use an integrative approach and work in the following methods: schema therapy, CBT, EMDR trauma focus, positive psychotherapy, art therapy. Master's degree - Kryvyi Rih University "Practical Psychology"Over the course of 1.5 years, she completed training: Military psychology, Psychiatry - Borderline states, Trauma focus, Work with victims of violence, etc. Studied at Ivano-Frankivsk Catholic University - Chaplain.

The main purpose of my work as a psychologist is to provide the military with the opportunity to understand and solve the psychological issues that arise before them. I see positive changes in the lives of my service recipients - military personnel, and I am very happy. For me, this is the greatest reward and confirmation of the effectiveness of my work.

Психолог Леся Прудіус
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