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Olena Petrash


More than three years of work experience. With the beginning of a full-scale war, she was trained in crisis psychology by specialists from Israel who had experience of working in war conditions. Graduated from the advanced training course "Military Psychology". As a volunteer psychologist, he helps military personnel and their families.

She graduated from the Dnipro Humanities University with a major in Psychology and received a master's degree. She studied logotherapy and existential analysis for two years in Germany, at the V. Frankl Institute. It is now very helpful in supporting people in their search for their own meaning and support in life. He also works in a cognitive-behavioral approach and is qualified as a CBT consultant. Now he is studying at the Institute of Postgraduate Education named after Taras Shevchenko on the specialty "Clinical Psychology". Has regular supervision.

"Ukrainians demonstrate psychological stability and endurance in the conditions of a protracted war. But all this changes us, sometimes very much. On this path, we need support and the need to be heard."

Психолог Петраш Олена
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