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Rules of communication with servicemen who have returned from the combat zone

War always becomes the cause of profound processes of transformations in society. And the war in Ukraine became a catalyst that brought to the surface a number of long-hidden and painful topics for Ukrainian society. One of these topics is environmental communication with the military.

For the first time, Ukrainians faced the problem of ecological communication with the military after the Afghan war. However, at that time neither the state nor society had enough resources to solve this problem. Today, the problem of ecological communication with servicemen who have returned from the combat zone has once again appeared before society and requires an immediate solution, because the future vector of the development of the entire Ukrainian nation depends on how modern Ukrainian society learns to communicate ecologically with servicemen. Psychologists of our center have developed a checklist of rules, the observance of which will help a civilian to make her communication with a military serviceman productive and comfortable, both for a civilian and for a military serviceman.

The first rule of communication with military personnel is "Listen more than you speak." When communicating with a serviceman, it is very important to give him the opportunity to freely express his thoughts. Therefore, when communicating with a serviceman, try to listen carefully and do not comment on his story. In this way, you give the serviceman an opportunity to express himself, which will contribute to a significant relief of his psycho-emotional state.

The second rule that should be followed when communicating with a military person is "Do not show excessive emotions when communicating with the military." The nervous system of a soldier who has returned from a combat zone is very exhausted, the feeling of a large number of even positive emotions can have a negative effect on the state of his physical and mental health. In order not to cause even more damage to the health of a serviceman, try to be as calm as possible during communication and not to show an excess of your feelings.

The third rule of communication with a serviceman can be described as follows: "When talking to a serviceman, focus your attention on everyday topics and do not return to the events of the war in your conversations." One of the main rules for building high-quality and ecological communication with a serviceman is to return to the serviceman an internal sense of security during the conversation. In order to achieve this goal, tell the soldier as many facts as possible about your everyday life and try to involve the soldier in performing everyday tasks. Concentrating on everyday affairs will help the soldier curb excessive anxiety and contribute to his gentle return to a peaceful social environment.

The fourth rule, which should be observed when communicating with a military person, can be formulated as follows: "Do not be intrusive and respect the personal space of a military person." A person who has returned from a combat zone needs some time to get used to the need to communicate with a large number of people. Therefore, try to respect the personal space of a military person and do not involve him in any communication against his will.

Psychologist - Alyona Sadykina

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